Fund Rating

Beyond the usual performance and generic sustainability ratings, portfolio managers and their clients are increasingly looking for additional, nontraditional, metrics on their funds.

For instance, the ability to compute the carbon footprint (total consolidated greenhouse gas emissions) of a portfolio has become a pressing demand from both the market and regulators. The same is likely to be true for other aspects in the near term future.

To comply with these new requirements, portfolio managers need to determine objectives metrics to be consolidated and find a way to retrieve the underlying data from the companies they invest in. As any expert knows, any such quantitative endeavors follows a Pareto rule: 80% of the time and efforts is spent on gathering clean data.

Quercus Altmetrics offers to mutualize that data gathering effort and uses the resulting datasets to build standard, objective and transparent ratings.


Because we use the same approach for all rated funds: there is no cherry-picking, no window dressing and no conflict of interest.


Because our ratings are purely quantitative procedures based on numeric data. As we like to say: we have no opinion but on the quality of the data.


Because we only rate funds on clear, widely accepted and straightforward metrics. When you get an A with us, everybody knows exactly what it means.

You will find below the fund ratings that are already available through Quercus Altmetrics:


A synthetic measure of the consolidated net greenhouse gas emissions of your portfolio. Download our factsheets to learn more about our Carbon Footprint ratings: