First results of the European Carbon Transparency Survey (ECTS)

The survey

ECT Survey was conducted over the Stoxx 600 universe, by contacting the sustainability and ESG department of each firm of the index (as of January 2019). A detailed questionnaire on the carbon footprint of European compagnies was sent, with information to be validated or completed mainly about

  • Direct and Indirect emissions
  • The perimeter of the scopes 1/2/3, but also about the standard used for reporting (GHG protocol or other)
  • The method used for the scope, is it market or location based?
  • Verified information about the third-party assurance (the specific document and the page number)
  • The offset strategy and figures

Preliminary results analysis:

After 10 days of interaction with compagnies and information collection, the first estimate of the hit-ratio (proportion of response) is approaching the 20% with close to 10% completing the questionnaire with no need for any additional information.

The survey will be continued over the next few weeks with a special focus on 2018 data. Most of compagnies are generally publishing or calculating carbon data on March.

The result of the survey is contributing to make the Quercus Altmetrics carbon database more accurate with a unique granularity for data. Final survey results analysis will be published and communicate to compagnies, investor and journalist.


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