Companies are increasingly being challenged on their abilities to ensure sustainable development in the time of their activities. The pursuit for the best possible impact on the planet in each business sector requires a broad comprehension of the competitive environment. Companies are increasingly looking to put in place a proactive competitive ESG intelligence. Positioning in relation to competitors in terms of sustainable development is now a determining factor in the growth of companies’ turnover, as customers are more demanding on the subject. The regulatory aspects are also reminder forces that encourage companies to position themselves in their sector of activity according to various sustainability measures, such as the environment with the carbon footprint for example.

Quercus Altmetrics supports companies to meet the growing needs for benchmarking on sustainability topics. Beyond the regulatory constraints, it is today a real requirement of the customers and a motivation of companies. QA is committed to providing tailor-made, accurate, comprehensive, and reliable solutions to the most relevant metrics in the field of ESG.

QA benchmarking allows a company to position itself in its sector through regular reports, ranking and rating tools but also a detailed analysis of its peers. Supporting companies in their efforts to improve their sustainability is essential for us.

Quercus Altmetrics offers tailor-made solutions to companies in the field of benchmarking allowing to calibrate absolute or relative rating (best in class approach) on most ESG themes.

The carbon footprint is a factor of excellence that QA puts forward for companies. It enabling them to have a global vision of their environmental impacts in order to position themselves in relation to their direct or indirect competitors.