Alternative Data

Sustainability is today at the center of interest for economic, political and social worlds, the Environment Social and Governance criteria are gaining momentum with the arrival of the new generation of millennials much more sensitive and more committed. The regulatory framework is getting organized and governments around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the importance and seriousness of the topic. Some initiatives have begun to bear fruit, such as the ‘Article 173’ in France which defines some basic rules for the national low carbon strategy. But today the challenge is to go well beyond. The political will seems to find an ally in the investment world with the rising demand for responsible investment product (RSI).

To quantify the policy, the Data availability quickly emerges as a fundamental element in the realization of theses ambitions. Indeed, it seems difficult to arbitrate or evaluate the sustainability value of a company if the data are not accurate and reliable. Companies are increasingly making effort toward publication of corporate social and responsibility, CSR, report (also called sustainability report) but information are still not standardized and can be difficult to assess.

The main objective of our work is to build an independent and fair answers to these questions. By Providing the most pure and accurate data of extra financial measures all around the world.

Quercus Altmetrics is developing a new way to collect, analyze and store extra-financial data from companies around the world. The accuracy of data is at the heart of our priority. Thanks to our innovative, rigorous and automatic framework, Quercus Altmetrics can provide verified data base with high quality.

Quercus Altmetrics has developed a new process, based on unique system to collect data directly from compagnies. This relationship with the involved teams inside each company allowing our team to make a positive impact on the way ESG data are measured paving the way to standardization. Q.A analyses data trying also to check the integrity of value in databases, using complex algorithm based on the latest technologies.

Quercus Altmetrics can manage high volume of data with the aim to cover companies around the world with long history and large number of measures and metrics.

You’ll find below the alternative datasets that are already available through Quercus Altmetrics:


A synthetic measure of individual companies revenue-weighted net greenhouse gas emissions. Download our factsheets to learn more about our Carbon Footprint score: